Five Main Factors to Consider When Buying Tyres

Changing vehicle tyres is a critical part of maintenance as far as your vehicle’s status is concerned. Tyres determine so many things about your vehicle including the speed of the vehicle, the condition of the road to drive on, and your vehicle’s general condition.

Most importantly, the tyres affect your vehicle’s safety and should be given the attention it deserves. The type of tyre to go for depends on your style of drive. Here are some of the tips to help you select the best tyres for your vehicle.

Tips on finding the best tyres

  • Size of the tyre

Before you visit a tyre shop, you must first find out the exact size of tyres that are compatible with your vehicle. Going for an oversize or undersize tyre can have severe effects on your vehicle. You can know the size of the tyre to buy by looking at the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications in the manual. The information is also provided on the sticker on the driver’s door.

  • Tyre lifespan

Well, tires usually come with different lifespans. The lifespan of a given tyre can be measured in miles. This information should be availed to the buyer to help them make the right selection. So you should always look at the lifespan of the tyre and ensure that it is what you expect depending on your driving style and experience.

  • Weather conditions

The weather condition of the place you drive on will also have a great influence on the type of tyre to go for. Tyres are manufactured to handle different kinds of weather conditions. There are those that are made to be used throughout regardless of the prevailing conditions. In such a case, you will be using your vehicle in all seasons without having to look for alternative means. But keep in mind that such a tyre can cause a fortune.

  • Speed rating

As mentioned earlier, tyres will determine the speed of your vehicle. Each type of tyre has its speed rating which should not be exceeded at any given point in time.  The speed rating is indicated on the tyre and you can check it before buying. You should always select the type of tyre with a speed rating that suits your needs.

  • Manufacturer’s warranty

Another thing that you should not fail to get upon purchasing new tires is the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty acts as a cover for the tires; in case you experience problems with the tires, you can go back to the company with that warranty and get the problem fixed for free. In some cases, the tyres may be totally replaced with new ones as long as it was not your fault for the problem experienced.

Types of Tread patterns

The three most commonly known types of tyre tread patterns include symmetrical, asymmetrical and directional:

Symmetrical is the most known type and has narrow treads that are arranged in wavy patterns. Its disadvantage is that it is not suitable for rain.

The directional treads do well in rain but are known to produce a lot of irritating noise.

On the other hand, the asymmetrical tread helps to solve both the rain and noise problems and is the most expensive. So when purchasing vehicle tyres, always ensure that you are aware of the tread patterns and if they are suitable to your ride conditions. You can also ask experts for further information concerning the best tyre tread pattern to go for.

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