Why you should consider safari snorkel for your 4WD

High-performance 4WD (four-wheel drive) has a certain adrenaline when you are cruising on the open road. For a better driving experience, car maintenance is non-negotiable for increased durability and performance. One of the ways to make your car perform better is by adding a safari snorkel to your vehicle. In Australia, safari snorkels were introduced in the 1980s and have gained popularity ever since.

The main work of the safari snorkel is to protect the 4×4 engines from dust, water and sand when on the road, especially in rough terrains. If you have a 4WD here are a couple of reasons why you should consider a safari snorkel:

Advantages of a safari snorkel

If you are thinking about going off-road, having a snorkel for your 4×4 will be an asset for you in the following ways:

  • Reduce maintenance

Installing a car snorkel ensures cleaner air is being fed to your car thus ensuring cleaner air filters for your car. When you get a Safari snorkel installed on your 4×4 , you reduce car repairs and enhance the performance of your vehicle thus saving money in the long run and increasing durability.

  • Fuel efficiency

Since snorkels are installed at roof height, that means they collect clean air. Your engine runs on fuel and air and with a snorkel installed, a constant cool air supply is circulating. In turn, maximum engine performance comes to play and fuel consumption is less.

  • Engine performance

Without a snorkel on your 4WD, your engine collects air that is closer to the engine which is full of dirt, dust and sometimes grime. The dirty air affects your engine making it perform poorly which in turn causes engine failure if not repaired sooner.

  • Prevents water

Snorkels are made from polyethylene material and a UV stable which comes in handy when you are rearing off road. In pools of water, it is easy for water to get into the engine and that becomes a huge problem because that water blocks the air. Air shortage in the engine will in turn cause engine problems and fuel burning cycle.

Factors to consider when purchasing a snorkel

There are different types of snorkels.

  • The traditional R-spec and V-spec range. They are similar in all the ways the only difference being the material. The V-spec is manufactured from industrial spec UV stabilized polyethylene and the R-spec is made from recreational pec UV stabilized polyethylene.
  • ARMAX snorkel. The ARMAX has the same features as the V-spec but with a custom-built flow blend that boosts airflow.

Depending on whatever snorkel you choose here are a few things that you also need to consider:

  • The snorkel body

Using their material, the snorkels are CAD designed to fit the OEM sheet material of the vehicle. The snorkel you choose should be able to prevent water from getting into the engine.

  • The hardware

The external hardware of a snorkel is made of stainless steel and also a UV-stable polyethylene material. The material ensures corrosion does not occur and prevents water.

  • The air ram

With a poor air ram, water separation from incoming airstream will not be possible and that will in turn hinder effective airflow.

  • Vehicle attachment

A good attachment for your vehicle is when the snorkel lines up with the bonnet and pillar for a seamless installation. A flawless connection is essential in ensuring the snorkel works perfectly.





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